WEATEX s.r.o.

Production of technical fabrics and tapes
Osik 339, 569 67
Czech Republic

We manufacture products for lamination, pultrusion and reinforcement.
Final products: cylinders, skis, ice-hockey sticks, auto parts, industrial tanks, covers and pipes.

Glass fabrics:

  1. roving glass fabrics
  2. glass fabrics from textured yarns
  3. glass fabrics unidirectional (90º)
  4. glass fabrics with "hot melt" yarns


  1. roving and textil glass tapes
  2. glass tapes from textured yarns
  3. glass tapes from carbon yarns
  4. glass tapes unidirectional with glass only for epoxy resin
  5. glass tapes with "hot melt" yarns
  6. sleeves from glass yarns
  7. impregnation tapes

ISO certification:

Our company obtained ISO 9001 certificate...show ISO certificate